✨To Create Sacred Space for Self Work.✨

To Unwind the Mind.

To Connect.

To Collaborate.

To Create Opportunities.

To Help People Grow.

To Empower Both Women & Men.

To Pause & Self Reflect.

To Affirm Self Worth.

To Be Uncomfortable to Be Comfortable

To Help Access & Harness Energy Within Each Other.

We Intend to Create a Nurturing & Supportive Space for Healing & Growth.

With mind, body and spirit, we approach the concepts of self-care and self-work with interactive retreats to provide the space to learn something new and/or further the practices that enhance our divine, transformative experiences. Practices may be centered around wellness & healing, connection to the earth or to sacred energies & also include discussion and reflection.

Let these experiences inspire new opportunities to grow and connect with the world and with yourself.