Self Work

Self Work is one of the most challenging (yet rewarding) undertakings we can engage in, because it strips away our false beliefs, comfortable lies, and excuses. It’s about refocusing our energy inward, unfolding thoughts and feelings to find their center in order to then let go of what is no longer serving us or benefiting our growth. In order to face our challenges and approach life experiences with clarity, love and kindness, we choose to be a part of a conscious evolution.

This practice is often the thing we want to do least because it requires us to look inward and take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and behaviors. We have to check our egos and understand the basis of perspective. The truth is, life is what we make it, by how we react and interact with the people and things surrounding us. And what better approach to life is there than to walk through life with clarity and a grounded perspective?

What is the work exactly? Meditation, self-reflection, journaling.. each are considered helpful tools in our practices. It is different for all of us, but there are some helpful things to remember; try to find the lessons in things instead of asking why they are happening to you. Dig deep to find out why you’re expressing certain behaviors and trace the emotions back to their source. Do things that feed your soul and surround yourself with people that lift you up.